Workshops & Residences

Education, Health and Community


Utilising our repertoire, students will be given themes to work to, creating their own dance moves and ideas before performing at the end of the workshop. We cover a range of styles, from contemporary, African, Dancehall, Latin to Caribbean dance.

Taster Workshops

These sessions are designed to inspire participants to develop an understanding of dance and movement techniques. Participants will develop skills, learn dances, create and perform using modern and traditional accompaniment.

Curriculum Support

We can provide tailored curriculum support and lesson planning for KS1 right through to KS4. From dance basics, choreography and performance to different social and cultural dances and their contexts.


We provide choreography tailored to the needs of your event. Dance can be used to compliment an existing performance such as a production or end of year show. Or you can commission us to contribute the choreography for a new piece of work.


Keneish Dance is happy to present topics around being a dance artist. In addition, we are happy to discuss and prepare talks to suit your specific requirements.


Our community residencies offer an opportunity for participants to reap some of the more long-term benefits, build friendships and work with peers. Our sessions promote a positive self-image, stimulate creativity, fitness, physical and mental wellbeing. Sessions include ice-breakers, warm-up, movement phase and cool down.