Dance for Health – 50+ Dance sessions

Figures of african dancers. People silhouette set. Vector  Illustration.

Dance for Health – 50+ Dance sessions

We are working in partnership with Whitton Lodge Association to bring the only African Contemporary based dance class in Birmingham, especially for the 50+ age group. Dance Shop is to encourage beginners and people over the age of 50 to participate in multi-sensory activities like Afro-Fusion dance styles, yoga, Pilates and a series of gentle strengthening exercises.

The project will attempt to bring elderly people together by integrating arts and culture into daily lives whilst providing a rich source of physical, psychological and social benefits to areas where there is limited or no access to this type of dance exercise. Dance Shop will improve strength, balance, cognitive abilities and self-esteem in order to prevent or improve common health conditions of adults over the age of 50, such as; arthritis, osteoporosis, heart disease, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, and falls.

“It is very rejuvenating and uplifting, I don’t feel like I am exercising because I am having so much fun! I have enjoyed meeting other people who I will have never have met otherwise” Shelly Williams – 50+ Dance workshop participant

Taster sessions and registrations will be on Thursday 11th May, 18th May and 25th May, 2 pm – 3pm  at the Perry Common Community Hall, 87 Witton Lodge Rd, Perry Common, Birmingham B23 5JD. There is no set fee for the sessions, participants just need to pay a donation of whatever they can afford on the day. You can also book your place prior to the 11th May by emailing your name and ‘danceshop’ to